MKM Helical Hypoid Gear Units


MKM Helical Hypoid Gear Units


Product Description

Product features:

1. using hypoid gear(non-worm gear structure),the full gear transmission speed ratio is up to 300.
2. High output torque and high efficiency,the torque ratio of standard worm gear series is up to 95%.
3. high-quality aluminum alloy casting,light weight and no rust;Smooth transmission noise low temperature rise low Exquisite and beautiful long life.
4. speed ratio 1:7.5-1:300,can be omni-directional installationconvenient and flexible use.
5. The installation size is compatible with the size of MRV series worm gear reducer(MKM050 and MRV050 are slightly different).
6. modular,can be combined in various formswithIECservo steppingbraking,frequency conversion,explosion proof motor and other drivingrequirements.
7. Equipped with standard IEC motor dust return clearance of 15 arcminfor exampleservo stepper motor can be customized(10 arcmin).
8. Reduce machine cost: if you use worm gear reducer RV063 with 1.5kw,now MKM050 with 0.75kw can achieve the same torque.

Main materials:
Gear: 20CrMnTi,carburizing and quenchingnational standard grade 5 precision,tooth surface hardness 56-62hrc, keep carburizing layer thickness 0.3mm-0.5mm after fine grinding.Case high quality aluminum alloy casting.

Surface coating:
Aluminum and gold shell:
1.Shot blasting and special anticorrosion treatment to maintain the sense of silver metal and resist the corrosion of gasolinexylene and other organic solvents.
2.After phosphating,spray PAL2010 blue or silver gray paint.

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