Gearboxes and Reducers


Slanted Bevel Gear Deceleration Motor

The company's helica aear reducer is desianed on the basis of two - dimensional and three-dimensional finite element analysis software and module combination system.Model torque and transmission ratio are divided by decreasing formwhich is more in line with customer reauirements and avoidspowerwasteTheinstallation position and structure provide diversified products with fine torque and speed ratio grading.  
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Three-phase Very High-toruqe AC Brake Motor

Product features /Products overview 1.Power: 0.18~225KW63-160 base aluminumalloy shell180-355 base cast iron. 2. brake motor uses a three-phase power supply that is supplied via the rectifier to the DC power supply to the brakeInsulation class. 3. F,155 degrees high temperature resistantH resistant to high temperature of 180 DEGCthelevel ofprotectionIP55IP65. 4. brake noise is low,small impact; positive and neg
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Precision Planetary Gear Reducer

Precision planetary gear reducer is a new generation of practical products independently developed by our company.It intearates advanced technoloaies in European and American markets and has the folowing
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MRV Worm Gearbox Worm Reducer

Products are widely used in various needs to reduce the requirements of flexible transmission,rigid automatic transport production lines; Such as carpentry furniture glass ceramic machinery,ultrasonic electroplating manipulator robot, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery,corrugated carton high-end printing machinery,food packaging filling machine,spring machine laser equipmentSMT electronic industry various no
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MRC Series Helical Gear Reducer

The high degree of modularity is a design feature of MRC helical gearboxes range. It can be connected respectively with motors such as normal motor,brake motorexplosion-proofmotor,frequency conversion motor, servo motorECmotorandso onThis kind of product is widely usedin drivefields such as textilefoodstuff ceramics packing, logistics, plastics and so onlt is possible to set up the version required using flanges or f
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