27 Sep 2022

Analysis on Digital Closed-loop Manufacturing Technology of Aviation Spiral Bevel Gear

Spiral bevel gears have smooth transmission properties, are suitable for high-speed transmission, and have the advantages of very low noise and vibration, so they are often used as important gear tran...
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09 Sep 2022

How To Control The Machining Accuracy of Gear Parts

Most of the parts in the gearbox are gears, so the machining accuracy of the gear parts has an important impact on the quality of the gearbox. Recently, the YD13 series gearboxes often have various fa...
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31 Aug 2022

Optimization of Gear Shaping Machining Process for Long Shaft Gear Parts

At present, the processing of gears is still mainly gear hobbing and gear shaping. Different processing technologies have different characteristics. In actual processing, the most suitable processing ...
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22 Aug 2022

Research on Application of Straight Bevel Gear Milling Technology

  Compared with spiral bevel gears, straight bevel gears have the advantages of high manufacturing maturity, relatively low cost and simpler processing, and are widely used in aerospace products...
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