Spur Gears


Spur Gears

Spur gears are used in mechanical applications to transfer motion and power from one shaft to another through a series of paired gears, thereby increasing or decreasing the speed or increasing the torque of equipment.


Product Description

Spur gears are gears whose teeth are parallel to the axial direction. Its transmission efficiency is over 98%.

It is the most commonly used gear and is widely used in various industries such as machine tools, transportation machinery, hoisting machinery, rubber and plastic machinery, woodworking machinery, Wind power generation and general industry.

Our Capabilities of Manufacturing Gears & Splines.
  Hobbing Milling Tooth Grinding
Max O.D. 1250mm 2000mm 2000mm
Min I.D. 20mm 50mm 20mm
Max Face Width 500mm 500mm 1480mm
Max DP DP 1 DP 1 DP 0.5
Max Module 26mm 26mm 45mm
DIN Level DIN Class 6 DIN Class 6 DIN Class 4
Tooth Finish Ra 3.2 Ra 3.2 Ra 0.6
Max Helix Angle ±45° ±45° ±45°

How to get the quote?
You just need to send the drawings to us(sales@benoygear.com), we will keep it strictly confidential, and confirm the price and the sample delivery time within 24 hours.

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