Spiral bevel gear commonly used material forged steel

Spiral bevel gear commonly used material forged steel

Customized spiral bevel gear processing transmission accessories, what are the commonly used gear materials? The Hongyu spiral bevel gear manufacturer will introduce the commonly used material forging steel for spiral bevel gears.

Forged steel is divided into two categories according to the hardness of the tooth surface

When HB<350, it is called soft tooth surface
When HB>350, it is called hard tooth surface

l. Tooth surface hardness HB<350
Process: forging blank → normalizing--rough turning → quenching and tempering, finishing

Common materials: 45#, 35SiMn, 40Cr, 40CrNi, 40MnB

It has good comprehensive performance, the tooth surface has high strength and hardness, and the tooth core has good toughness.
After heat treatment, the cutting precision can reach 8 grades
Simple, economical, high productivity, low precision requirements
Spiral bevel gear

2. Tooth surface hardness HB>350
When using medium carbon steel:
Process: forging blank → normalizing → rough cutting → quenching and tempering → fine cutting → high and medium frequency quenching → low temperature tempering → honing or abrasive
Running-in, EDM running-in.

Common materials: 45, 40Cr, 40CrNi

The tooth surface has high hardness HRC=48-55, high contact strength and good wear resistance.
The tooth core maintains the toughness after quenching and tempering, and has good impact resistance and high bearing capacity.
The accuracy is reduced by half, up to 7 levels of accuracy.
Suitable for mass production, such as: medium-speed and medium-load transmission gears for automobiles, machine tools, etc.

When using mild steel:
Forging blank → normalization → rough cutting → quenching and tempering → fine cutting → carburizing and quenching → low temperature tempering → tooth grinding. Up to 6th and 7th grades.
Common materials; 20Cr, 20CrMnTi, 20MnB, 20CrMnTo

Tooth surface hardness, strong bearing capacity.
Good core toughness, impact resistance
Suitable for high-speed, heavy-duty, overloaded transmission or occasions requiring compact structure, locomotive main transmission gear, aviation gear.