The working principle of bevel gears and precautions in use

The working principle of bevel gears and precautions in use

Bevel gear technical requirements:

1. The forgings shall not have any forging defects.

2. Normalize hb179-217.

3. The surface carburizing hardness is HRC58-62, and the core layer hardness is HRC32-45. The hardness of the transition layer changes slowly until the matrix is ​​low carbon, the carburization amount is 1.0 ~ 1.4mm, and the carbon content is 0.8% ~ 1.05%.

4. The metallographic inspection standard shall comply with the provisions of "Metalographic Inspection Standard for Automobile Carburized Gears" (JB1673-75).
5. Low temperature tempering shot peening.

Bevel gears work by pushing the teeth of the drive gear in turn, transferring motion and power between two shafts.

CNC Lathe Spiral Bevel Gear

Features of bevel gears:

1. Mesh transmission, accurate transmission ratio, stable transmission and low noise.

2. Wide range of applicable power and speed.

3. Long life.

4. The cost is not very high, and it needs to be processed by equipment.

The tight bevel gear is suitable, too tight and too loose will cause damage, if it is too close, it will make the bearing wear and loosen, it is easy to make the sprocket drag chain, pay attention in this regard, install it at the same time and see it There are swing or tilt angles, these will affect its normal work, and will accelerate its wear, we should observe carefully and pay attention to the operation.