How does a bevel gear work

How does a bevel gear work

1. The working principle of straight bevel gears

According to the design of the bevel gear, it is divided into straight and helical gears. The design, manufacture and installation of the spur gear are relatively simple. But the disadvantage is that the noise is too high. It can be used in machinery running at low speed. During operation, its transmission runs smoothly and is widely used.

2. The working principle of the curved bevel gear

Unlike straight bevel gears, it is difficult to design. But it has the advantage that the entire transmission runs smoothly. The noise is much smaller than that of the straight bevel gear, and the bearing capacity is large, which can be used in some high-speed and heavy-duty occasions. The transmission power is larger than that of straight bevel gears.

3. Installation of bevel gear

During the installation process of the bevel gear, the center line of the two shafts should be adjusted to the same plane first, which is convenient for installation. Then adjust the gear gap. The kicking momentum of the rear axle. Check again with a special feeler gauge. A little deviation can be allowed. If the deviation is too large, the installation of the bevel gear will fail. Check for abnormal sounds when the gears are turning.

Choosing the right gear can do more with less in mechanical operation. As a common transmission mechanical part, there are various types of gears, among which the bevel gear needs to be carefully installed during the installation process and must be inspected after the installation is completed.