How to reduce the noise of gear rotation

How to reduce the noise of gear rotation

With the rapid development of industrialization, gears have gradually come out in the industry, and in some fields, higher requirements have been put forward for the noise of gear rotation, especially when the decibel value is reached, And also raised the problem of no noise, let me tell you how to reduce the noise of gear rotation?

1. Guarantee the quality of raw materials
The materials commonly used in the manufacture of gears are 40Cr, 20CrMnTi, 40CrNi and other alloy steels and 45 steels. In order to ensure the quality of raw materials, we adopt the method of fixed-point purchase, that is, to purchase excellent steel produced by steel mills such as Shougang, Baosteel, and Handan Steel. The purpose of purity evaluation is to adjust the heat treatment process in time, control heat treatment deformation, and improve the quality of tooth profile processing.

2. Prevent heat treatment deformation
After rough machining or fine forging, the tooth blank must be normalized to eliminate internal residual stress; during normalizing or quenching and tempering, the uniformity of the furnace temperature must be maintained, and a station fixture should be used to make the workpiece evenly heated and heated. Cooling; try to use cyanidation treatment, which has lower temperature and less deformation than carburizing and quenching, and is cheaper than nitriding or carburizing. The equipment used for cyanidation treatment must use a drip-type UNIC gas carburizing and nitriding furnace; Some high-frequency quenched and cyanided gear parts can also be replaced by soft nitriding process to obtain high hardness value and thicker white layer.

3. Improve the machining accuracy of gear blanks
(1)Improve the machining accuracy of the gear hole: the dimensional accuracy of the gear hole must be distributed around the middle difference of the hole deviation value, generally set at ±0.003 ~ ±0.005mm, if it is out of tolerance and within the design requirements of the hole , must be transferred to the tooth cutting process, so as to take measures; at the same time, the straightness of the hole must be controlled within 0.003mm.

(2)Control the end face runout and radial runout of the gear blank: The end face runout of the gear blank is an item that directly affects the tooth direction tolerance. When machining the two ends of the gear blank, it is necessary to ensure that the parallelism is within 0.01mm, and then fine boring on the tooling To ensure the runout tolerance of the hole to the end face; when cutting the teeth, be sure to use the 100% rounding of the table to ensure the radial runout tolerance of the ring gear.